Intelligent Doctor Assistant

A smart doctor assistant tool using deep neural networks to help screen abnormal conditions in chest X-Ray images. Inspectra is a cloud-based solution that generates diagnosis reports in real time and fully integrated into hospital workflow.

How It Works

Access Intelligent doctor assistant service in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Login

Simply enter your user ID and password.

Step 2: Upload

Upload one or more image(s)
that you would like AI to interpret.

Step 3: See Results

See results from AI in no time
on our user-friendly interface.

Want seamless integration
with your operations?

No problem!


Real time report, 24/7

Access to screening results in real-time through our user-friendly interface with no barrier and able to export preliminary reports anytime.

Seamless plug-in with operation​

Our service directly delivers to your workstation with no extra additional server. You can get the AI interpreted result immediately and seamlessly to your day-to-day work.​

Auto de-identifying patient data

Patient information such as name and ID is safe and secured with our top-notch security complied with HIPAA, healthcare industry’s strongest privacy standard.​

Highlighting problematic areas​

Locates potential lesion region with high precision, improving radiologist’s diagnosis accuracy and reducing time spent.

8 Abnormality conditions detection​

Detects 8 clinical pathologies from chest x-ray films and filter out chests without abnormalities, reducing radiologists’ workload by up to 70%.

Defective image detection​

Defective X-ray images are immediately flagged for retake, ensuring radiologist’s valuable diagnosis time is spent on good quality X-ray images.​


Here are some answers to questions that you might have.

Your Benefits

High Accuracy

Through orchestrating several machine learning models, Inspectra AI Radiologist can achieve AUC at 0.92 with high sensitivity as well as specification on 8 abnormal conditions it detects.


Reduce doctor workload by screening out normal cases first with high sensitivity then prioritize likely abnormal cases so that patients can be treated on time.

Lower Risk

AI assisted report gives doctors a head up on preliminary report with localizing location of abnormal position to allow the doctor to check more thoroughly. Reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.

Improve Accessibility

Inspectra is ideal for remote, over populated, high-risk area, where radiologists are inaccessible. We work hard to ensure accessible medical services for all.

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